Cocktail Vs Sit Down – What Type Of Event Is Best?

We should really get ourselves out of the traditional wedding ideas. That’s what most of us are taking to be the reference point forgetting that those times are long gone. You don’t have to look serious always with official parties. Not even the corporates are considering that as an option these days. But am not saying that a sit down party is bad. It all depends on how you see

  • Sit down parties – these are parties where the guests must be served food and drinks while they sit as the name suggests. Only the speaker is allowed to speak and rules and etiquette very much apply. In a sit down party, you can’t be totally free to do even dancing.
  • Cocktail parties – it’s the modern form of partying where no one is held to do anything. You can do anything you want including dancing or singing for the people. Drinks and foods are supplied to people as they stand. Some aged guests will have to be provided with chairs though.

Both of them have their negatives as well as positives and deciding which is better than the other will be a challenge for anyone.

The pros

Cocktail parties

  • Easy coordination – when there are no many rules for guests or the planners to follow, coordination becomes very easy. That sounds contradictory but that’s the case. You don’t have to keep following people telling them that it’s time for drinks or food. You just have to send your caterers to supply them to the guests and they will know its time.
  • Less rentals – there will not be need for much food in an all smiles Melbourne cocktail That means that you will need less utensils and hence less renting costs.
  • Everyone got a bite – cocktail parties are known for their diversity of options. If it’s the drinks, there will be several types. You don’t have to pick a drink that is not your kind. You just have to wait a little longer for your drink type to be served.
  • Intimate parties – they are perfect for a small audience. They are intimate and people are ever conversing amongst each other.

Sit down parties

A perfect setting – if you want your wedding to look like one, you might need to consider a sit down party. Everything must be according to plan so that the outlook is just fine. You can feel that there is some respect for your wedding.project-wedding

The cons

Cocktail parties

There is actually not much on the negative for the cocktail parties. Things however seem to run as if there is no plan.

Sit down parties

  • Planning time – you will have to spend time planning how every table will be arranged and how the plates or the glasses will appear.
  • More organizing – you will need escort cards, table numbers and seating charts to make the sit down setting work right.

Looking at both sides, no one can force you to pick either side. You just look at what is the offer and see if it matches with your party needs..