Old School Rocker Tours Country In His Classic Mercedes

Young people do various silly things that mature individuals would never do. A long time ago when I was young, I used to do many silly things, but buying Mercedes R107 was the best thing I had done then. I was a young man who loved music, a young guitarist, a musician who had just begun his career. That was also the time when a couple of my friends and I finally gathered and decided to found a band. We enjoyed great success in our hometown and its surrounding areas, but then we decided to go even further and to tour throughout the whole country and maybe even abroad. But it was hard to realize such plan and travel without an appropriate vehicle which could help us do that, and that was how I decided to buy a car.

We earned a nice amount of money, and we wanted something special, something extraordinary and unusual, a classic automobile that will look nice and serve us well, and we found a gorgeous Mercedes R107 and bought it without thinking. We were delighted and so excited. We couldn’t wait to try it. And then came the time for touring. We packed our things and instruments and went into an adventure which turned out to be more exciting and full of unexpected things that we could never dream of.

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We traveled from town to town and organized concerts there, and people liked our music, and we quickly became popular, and so we decided not to stop touring and go further. Our old Mercedes friend served us pretty well.

This model of Mercedes was launched in 1971, and our old buddy was a white two-seater with a small seating arrangement behind the front seats. The interior of it was black, and it had the 350 engine, a V8 3.5-liter unit fitted. Back then this car was the epitome of a luxury roadster and today this model is very rare to find, and the price of it is currently very high, and it continues to grow with every new day. When we bought it, it was not so expensive, especially because it was not new, and as I already said it served us well although we had to stop from time to time at some place to change a part or two, nevertheless driving it was a great and invaluable experience. It is true that the four of us with all that stuff and instruments did not have enough place for everything, but regardless of that, it was comfortable, and we enjoyed our journeys. It was a great vehicle for a young artist, for a young guitarist.

I will always remember those moments with joy, and I would gladly buy this car again. Maybe some day I will. And if you were thinking about doing the same thing, buy it, you will not repent. Maybe it will be hard for you now to find one in a perfect condition and you will have to change a few parts too, but you will enjoy driving it certainly.