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I’ve been leaving parts of my blog open to comments as a simple Honeypot to catch comment spam and identify where all the crap is coming from. So far I have gathered around 50 unique IP addresses and will update this list over the next weeks and months.

(.. or until I lose interest Winking smile)

Posting this will probably not have any effect whatsoever, and the value of this list to someone else might be questionable too, but the nice thing about having a blog is that I can go off on a rant and vent a little.

Obviously IP addresses can be spoofed, but since this blog uses a CAPTCHA – and I seriously doubt the CAPTCHA has been broken – my guess is we’re looking at a “human CAPTCHA resolver”, meaning a bunch of (likely low paid) individuals in some overseas center tasked with entering their various “pharmaceutical extension products” into blogs and forums.

In addition, some IP addresses trace back to reputable organizations, which indicates that either the hoster or CoLo center is  not paying attention to what their customers are doing (bad) or we’re looking at compromised systems (worse).

For most IP addresses I have contacted either the ISP or the registered Netblock owner and reported apparent abuse and I’m sorry to say I have not received a single response from any of them.

So, without further ado – here’s the Wall of Shame.

IP Address Location** ISP or Netblock Owner*** RDNS (if applicable)***
France OVH Systems Sweden Netalia AB
Portlane Networks AB Sweden Deepak Mehta FIE**
Sweden Portlane Networks AB**
United Kingdom BurstNET Limited

United States United States EGIHosting*
United States SingleHop United States Comcast Cable United States DME Hosting LLC Sweden PeRiQuito AB Romania SC Net4All Grup SRL* Poland UPC Polska Sp. z o.o.* Russia Telecom Tekhpodderzhka Portugal ZON TV Cabo United States Rackspace United Kingdom OVH Systems* Russia Metroset*
Romania Sc Rados Impex Srl United States Input Output Flood LLC United States FOP Kutcevol Maksum Mukolaevich Sweden Resilans AB* Canada OVH Hosting
Private Customer Network United States ITOCHU Technology* United STates Turnkey Internet United States United States Continuum Data Centers, LLC.**
Turkey Teklan Internet Erisim Hizmetleri Komunikasyon Ele

* indicates repeated comment spam submissions
** Geo-location by Maxmind
*** ISP/Netblock by ARIN, RIPE, APNIC etc.

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